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To obtain added value from casting products or sintered parts which have already passed through a processing sequence of varying complexity and cost, the area of impregnation/sealing becomes increasingly important.

The impregnation technique used today in the area of automotive casting technology primarily uses a procedure called vacuum impregnation with porosity sealants. We currently offer our customers capacity of 20,000 m³ per year for sealing their products.

With synthetic resin REXEAL 100 from our sister company ULTRASEAL International. we are using one of most tried and trusted recycling resins worldwide, accredited by renowned customers, which amongst other benefits can seal porosity in castings up to temperatures of 220°C.

Constantly high quality and clearly structured process sequences in logistics and passage through the impregnation plant guarantee technically clean parts with the highest sealing rates including 100% documentation of parts via DMC systems.

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