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Aluminium castings are indispensable to the drive systems in the cars of today and the future. The complex design of cast aluminium engine components cannot be more economically manufactured than with the casting techniques available today and their post cast processes.

Before these castings are finished and ready to install, a multitude of other processes are necessary such as deburring, pre-machining, testing for leaks, waterproofing (sealing), abrasive blasting and heat treatment, which Sterr & Eder Industrieservice can offer as a complete service or as individual operations. We offer these services to OEMs (as well as their foundries), Tier 1 suppliers, customer foundries and engineering service providers. Typical parts (weighing between 2 Kg and 40 Kg) which we treat are:

    • Battery housing
    • Camshaft frames
    • Control/rectifier housing
    • Cylinder heads


    • Cylinder head caps
    • Engine blocks/crankcases
    • Ladder-type frames
    • Oil sump/oil filter housing


  • Pump housing
  • Rear axle housing

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